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Pat MacLeish

I was born and raised in Waunakee, Wisconsin and later moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend college. Five years (and three majors) later I graduated. Six months (and one bartending job) after graduation, I decided to move to Minneapolis to finally put my hard-earned education to good use. It was definitely time to apply what I had learned! One would have thought after 5 years of college, I would have been not only older, but WISER. But, after six months of living on almost no money (and a maxed out credit card), I got a job in the Twin Cities as a part-time graphic designer. That decision, and that job, saved me from becoming a lifelong bartender. I soon got a 2nd job in the same field, and eventually they both became full-time. After a year of working 2 full time jobs simultaneously, I had my bills in check and a good financial base. Eventually, I met my business partner in the cities, working in another print shop. His home town was Brainerd, MN. He had a plan to eventually move back and start a print shop. Mike is a great guy, but he realized his set- backs were public speaking, sales and graphic design. On the other hand, I already had a long background in all three, so we decided to form a business partnership in 1995. This worked out until 2014 when my family and I made the decision to buy out his half and move the business steadily forward. After I moved to Brainerd, I met my better half (truly, my better half)! Peggy continues to make my life better every day. We have 4 kids, ranging in ages from 11-22. They keep us busy, and leave us questioning our parenting ability on a daily basis. (Of course, Peggy and I try to stand as a united front in front of them. Later, behind closed doors, we can discuss how messed up the kids really are.) Just kidding- a little, maybe? A simple summary of my biography: Great wife + Awesome kids + Fantastic business = Loving life.

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